1. How do I display my collection on your site?

Once you have registered you can begin posting photos of your collection. You can arrange the items in your collection in any number of ways. This includes posting your collection as individual items or grouping them into collections. When uploading a photo use preexisting categories or the Other option. Select the best option for your item or choose from one of the default categories. Remember that the better the quality of your photos, the more likely the community will respond. For more info on uploading photos see either Tips for Artists or Tips for Collectors – whichever is more applicable to you.

2. I am an artist and would like to place my work on myMuseo.com. Is that a different process?

myMuseo.com is first and foremost a space for artists & collectors to show their work or collections. The process for listing your item as an artist is not different from listing as a collector. Please see Tips for Artists for more information. From our experience, artists often amass quite interesting collections. Please feel free to post both your own work and/your collections.

3. What exactly do you mean by “art?” My First Edition Book collection certainly doesn’t count as art, does it?

myMuseo.com is not exclusive to any one art form. We have pre-existing categories and you can create a new category when uploading a photo. When we say, ‘art' we mean there are many forms of art that you love and that inspire you; whether those pieces are Mark Rothko paintings or 1920’s toy soldiers, as long as they move you. We are not tied only to the definition of Fine Art.

You feel a bond to your First Edition Books don’t you? There are others out there with First Edition Books in their interest area too. That’s why we’re here—so you can share the pieces and works that inspire you. And if someone thinks that your collection of landscape watercolors would look great next to their other watercolors, you can use myMuseo.com as an online marketplace to sell it.

4. How do I find other people who have the same interests?

We’d suggest browsing the various categories listed on our homepage. Are you an avid photographer with your own work and an art collection? Check out the “Photography” section. Are you a jewelry maker looking for inspiration from other artists? Try “Jewelry.” Our Groups pages are great places to visit; you can post pics, ask questions and join a conversation on any one of our Groups communities.

5. How do I value my collection?

Ultimately the value of your collection, or single piece, is up to you. myMuseo.com does have a Pricing Group you can join for pricing help for a single piece or an entire collection. You can also research the value of your collectibles on numerous auction sites along with any sites related to the type of collectibles that you are selling.

Some examples of how to price:

• If you are selling an item by an established artist look at prices from the same artist with similar dimensions, medium, materials, and dates
• If you are selling work by a new or emerging artist look for comparable prices for works that have sold and have similar dimensions, medium, materials, and subject matter
• If you are selling a collectible item, look for comparative pricing for same type collectibles that have sold and have a similar condition to the item you are listing

6. Someone wants to buy something I listed—yay! Now I need to ship it…How do I ship an item sold on your site?

First, the price on myMuseo.com does not include shipping. You will need to get in touch with the buyer and agree on a shipper and set your pricing to include shipping.

What’s the best shipping method? That depends on the type of work you’re selling. Many items can be shipped via USPS, UPS or FedEx no problem. For some items, like larger pieces of art, you’ll need to use a specialty shipper.

Once you ship the item, you will need to indicate that the item has shipped and you’ll need to include the tracking information on your dashboard.

7. I am an artist affiliated with a gallery and would like to place my pieces on myMuseo.com. Will myMuseo.com work with my gallery?

Great question. myMuseo.com is incorporated in Washington state, so if your contract with the gallery includes sales in Washington state, you’ll need to inquire with your gallery on how to proceed. Your gallery is certainly welcome to become an affiliate with myMuseo.com. If they are interested in becoming a myMuseo.com affiliate, please have them contact us.

Please note that if you choose not to work with your gallery when listing on myMuseo.com, myMuseo.com is not responsible for any fees or claims made by your gallery for sales made on this site. This is solely your responsibility.

8. Are there items I cannot list?

While we love all kinds of art & collectibles, we do ask that our community not list certain items. Please refer to our terms of use to determine whether or not you may list your item.

10. I am trying to complete my registration and my primary Area of Interest was rejected. Please explain.

We reserve the right to reject certain interest areas. Our criteria for rejections may include but is not limited to interest areas that are:

Areas of interest, Categories, Collections or items promoting hatred or violence towards others, arms or weapons of any kind, any work that is disparaging of others, pornography or erotica that we deem inappropriate.

If you feel your Areas of Interest were rejected without due cause, contact us so we can advise you: info@mymuseo.com

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